Friday 29 March 2013

Its an exciting period for all Malaysians with election day looming.Everywhere you see people seem to forecast the results but little they talk about how to improve as a citizen.

Lets or once forget about the government and think as civic human with passion,compassion,care and being just Human.

Being a proud citizen of this country i cant help to be sad of the view and behavior of certain quarter of people who call themselves Citizens and constantly blame others for their shortcoming , in fact i would include myself in it at times.To make it simple let me list down things that we do normal in daily life where we think its completely right  and is OK to blame the others,government and the authorities.

1.Driving--Only in this country we honk at pedestrian , speed at yellow lights without giving a chance for the poor fellow citizens to cross the road, Try doing that in other countries which we compare so much why cant we be like them and you will be given ticket or locked in.Only in this country we park our cars illegally and complain is too far away from our destination when we get tickets for it.Even worse we park until it makes other cars parked legally to take hours to take out their car.Just try take a short trip to One Utama,Sunway Pyramid, you will see how many cars parked illegally right infront of the lift entrance when 60 m away there are plenty of car park slots availabe--Yes Malaysia BOLEH. We dont need cheaper cars we need better public transport because even i u have 10 lanes highways in ten years it will be as jammed up as it is.

2.LYNAS--Yes, everyone is against LYNAS , yes pollution, Yes, radioactive. YES YES YES.
But why now my fellow Malaysians?Why do we still throw used batteries( Mercury,tungsten and many other things) down the drain or rubbish.Why do you use the appliances made o product from LYNAS like plants and still throw it everywhere? where was the care then?

3.Needs Vs wants.-- Yes inflation not didnt help our economy but lets go down to the bottom to us. 10 years ago food ,car was 5 times cheaper. But slowly think again 10 years ago KFC was wants for us and now CHILLIES,TGV,GSC is a need for us and it does cost 10 times more. 10 years ago we had 1 car in a family , look how many we have right now.? Oh wait u wanna say our transportation is not good, Yes you are right not top shelf system we have,but how many of you actually car pool when working at the same place ,staying at the same condo?How on earth bus service going to improve and put more and on time busses on the street when its not full when it doesnt make money? Will you make 10 loaf of bread when u know you can only sell 2 everyday?.Yes its a bit inconvenient but somethings gotta start right?The same way we think about making the right choice in this election we are taking a risk but we feel the right one to make. Why dont think the same way.Money will never be enough. .Forget about property prices in that case we have someone to blame (and we are waiting for the elections to show it )

4.Rubbish--- I dont even wanna talk about this, but walk everywhere, im telling you, 80% of Malaysians do not segregate or pack thier rubbish before disposing or to be collected, Reason being ? oh cammon i pay my taxes its their job.Well my fellow citizens , if this is the mentality we gonna have, changing government might reduce corruption but Malaysia will be Malaysia and more money gonna spend on this matter.

5.LRT/Bussess---Sellfish Citizens-- Im sorry this might hit someone right in their heart. Only in this country the commuter rush in without even giving time to the outgoing to come out, yes some do wait, but majority doesnt the rush to the empty seats as if thier stop is 5 hours away.And guys if you can open the door for your GF at restaurants and car dont you think a female should be given a seat regardless how old or young she is? Thankfully i have seen the bright side of our country of giving seats to elderly.

Well this is all i can think about now,read up,hopefully most of you get something about it, if not , sorry for wasting your time guys.

My fellow citizens, lets change ourselves before the election and then show the new government that we are as good as other citizens, and then let us demand the economy,social, fairness  equality that we have been deprived all this while